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Traditional Cornish: Cornish Carols from Australia

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Dr. Philip Payton, Cornish Bard and author of "The Cornish Miner in Australia" has re-discovered a nineteenth-century collection of Cornish Carols which was published in the South Australian copper-mining town of Moonta in 1893.

In this book he presents the collection to the modern reader, with an especially written introduction which sets the Carols in their historical context as part of both the Cornish musical tradition and Cornwall's "Great Migration".

"Cornish Carols from Australia" is an important contribution to the study of traditional Cornish music, and illuminates yet another significant aspect of the impact of Cornwall's nineteenth-century emigrants overseas.


Arise and Hail the Happy Day

Awake with joyful strains of mirth

Awake, Arise, Rejoice and Sing

Behold a Lucid Light appears

Bright and Joyful

Christians, Awake

Clam on the listening Ear of Night

Hail, ever hail, the auspicious morn

Hark! Hark! What news the Angels bring

Hark! What means those holy voices?

High let it swell

Joy to the World, the Lord is come

Let all adore Immortal King

Mortals awake

Mortals awake, why slumber so?

Resplendent Beauty

See seraphic throngs descending

Seraphic Throngs

Sound, sound your instruments of Joy

The King of Glory

The New-born King

The Prince of Life

The Promised Child

What heav'nly music's this I hear?

What medley is this I hear?

While Shepherds watched their flocks by night

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