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Take Off with your Clarinet by Chris Holmes with FREE CD SP785

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Teachers Notes: These carefully graded pieces have been designed to help your pupils with their reading skills from elementatry to grade 3 - 4. The scale melodies will help to develop a feeling for keys and tonality. The pieces have no performance markings and you and your pupils are encouraged to add these as part of the learning experience. The chord symbols throughout are in concert pitch and offer the opportunity to add a live keyboard or guitar accompaniment. These pieces are designed to be both enjoyable performance material and a helpful teaching resource, and the scale melodies will make preparation for examinations a more rewarding and musical experience. Students Notes: Every piece has a full performance track and an accompaniment track on the companion CD. Listen to the performance tracks and try to copy what you hear - for example, what do you notice about the quavers (eighth notes) in Pogo Stick and Swingin - are they the same? Use your ears. Play along with the accompaniment tracks with as much style as you can, and most importantly, Have Fun! This book was originally published by Harlequin Music, Cambridge in 2000.
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