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Stiles: Mini Quartets for 4 Violins - Volume 2

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These Mini Quartets are suitable both for group lessons and for concerts, giving pupils the chance to enjoy the feeling of playing together in an ensemble. To this end an accompanying CD is included so that pupils can practise their own parts at home and even perform to friends and family. All pieces have a demo track that pupils can play along with. In Mini Quartets 2 the pupil uses the first three fingers in all pieces. There are no first, second, third, or fourth violinists, as all violinists are equal and can choose their own individually-coloured part which can be doubled if there are more than four violins. Switching roles is of course an excellent idea! The pieces are also suitable for a full violin ensemble. You can either play one of the violin parts yourself or direct the ensemble. The music as played on the CD is by no means the only way to play the mini quartets. It would be wonderful if players could be encouraged to add their own dynamics or set their own tempo in lessons. Anything is possible in a live setting and none of the written suggestions (i.e. tempo, bowing or dynamics) are rigid.
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