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Scott: Zebra Crossing (Tenor Saxophone & Piano)

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Soprano Sax AB : 6 [ends: 2017] Tenor Sax AB : 6 [ends: 2017] The zebra in this piece is in the piano part. The left hand plays mostly black notes whilst the right hand plays mostly white notes, and towards the end of the piece the hands cross over, hence the Zebra Crossing. The sax part joyously swings and is grade 6 in standard. When tutoring at Woldingham International Summer School 2002, a ten year old girl took to the stage in a concert, tenor saxophone nearly down to her ankles, and played so musically and with a big sound ! I wanted to write her a piece, she suggested the title and gave me the composing brief - it must swing ! Dedicated to Romilly, she premiered Zebra Crossing at Woldingham ISS 2003 with pianist Tim Carey. Andy Scott
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