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Schumann: Sonatas for Violin and Piano, Volume 1 (Wiener Urtext)

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Violin AB : 8 [ends: 2016] Violin and Piano. Urtext. ************************************ Schumanns violin sonatas won an enthusiastic following very soon after they were first performed. The second sonata was considered at the time, indeed, as second only to Beethovens Violin Sonata in A. This edition is based on the score of the new edition of Schumanns collected works, which draws not only upon the authorised first editions of both works, but also upon Schumanns working manuscripts and in the case of the second Sonata the engravers proofs and extensive correspondence between the composer and the original publishers. As a result of meticulous examination of sources it has been possible to determine numerous refinements and improvements regarding dynamics and articulation. Schumanns autograph manuscripts have provided an invaluable model for this purpose.
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