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Salter: 35 Melodic Studies for Oboe

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ABRSM Oboe (2018–2021) Grades 1-5

Trinity College London Oboe (2017-2020) Grades 1-5

Easy and Intermediate Studies to develop control and expressive playing.

In these 35 Melodic Studies, a fresh approach putting the development of imagination and expression ahead of mere finger dexterity, Grahm Salter sets out to encourage the young player by focussing on good stance and proper breathing from the outset, along with a beautiful sound, stable intonation and evenness across the scale - the basics underlying the technical ability to build a a musical performance.

The volume is dedicated to the memory of his own exceptional teacher, Janet Craxton, who inspired her students by her own constant quest for musical integrity and beauty of tone and phrasing.

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