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Mozart: Clarinet Concerto in A, KV622 (Music Minus One) Solo & Backing CD MMOCD3238

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Includes a newly engraved solo part in the original key (featuring both A and B-flat clarinet parts) on easy-on-the-eyes, acid-free ivory paper; a compact disc in digital stereo, featuring the complete concerto with soloist, in the original key of A, followed by the concerto performed again, but minus you, the soloist.; and a special second disc featuring the concerto repitched for use by B-flat players but using the original A-clarinet fingerings. Performed by Denitza Lavchieva, clarinet Accompaniment : Tempi Concertati Chamber Orchestra Conductor : Nayden Todorov ********************************************* Mozart did not make extensive use of the clarinet until comparatively late in his career, but he wrote exquisitely for the instrument, and the two scores dedicated to his friend, Anton Stadler-the Quintet, KV581 and the Concerto, KV622-are among his most beautiful works. Both, incidentally, belong to the final year of his life. The Clarinet Concerto is in the conventional three movements, with music that transcends conventionality in its remarkable sense of repose and serenity, and what Bernhard Paumgartner has called its incredible warmth of tone, perfect balance and unmatched perfection of style. The concerto had a tremendous resurgence in popularity with the release of the Academy-Award-winning 1985 film Out of Africa, of which the piece formed a major element.
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