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Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes (Violin & Piano) CD Edition, ed. Edward Huws Jones

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This (complete) edition includes a violin part, keyboard accompaniment with optional violin accompaniment, easy violin part and guitar chords.

The included CD contains full performance and backing tracks.


- Brochan Lom (Trad Scottish Strathspey)

- Carolan's Air (Trad Irish Air)

- Constant Billy (Trad English Morris Dance)

- Country Gardens (Trad English Morris Dance)

- Danny Boy (Trad Irish Air)

- Drowsy Maggie (Trad Irish Reel)

- Early Grey (Trad Scottish Strathspey)

- Harvest Home (Trad Irish Hornpipe)

- Hunting the Hare (Trad English Jig)

- King of the Fairies (Trad English Hornpipe)

- Lord MacDonald's Reel (Trad Scottish Reel)

- Mary, Young and Fair (Trad Scotttish Air)

- Miss Sally Hunter of Thurston (Trad Scottish Jig)

- Morpeth Rant (Trad English Hornpipe)

- Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (Trad Scottish Air)

- Red-Haired Boy (Trad English Hornpipe)

- The Bonnie Lass o'Fyvie (Trad Scottish Bothy Ballad)

- The Bridal (Trad Irish Jig)

- The Fairy Dance (Trad English Reel)

- The Flowers of Edinburgh (Trad Scottish Reel)

- The Fox Hunter's Jig (Trad Irish Slip Jig)

- The Gay Gordons (Trad Scottish Jig)

- The Girl I Left Behind Me (Trad English March)

- The Keel Row (Trad English Hornpipe)

- The Mason's Apron (Trad Irish Reel)

- The Peeler's Away with my Daughter (Trad Irish Jig)

- The Spey in Spate (Trad Scottish Reel)

- The Staffordshire Hornpipe (Trad English Hornpipe)

- The Trumpet Hornpipe (Trad English Hornpip)

- The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Trad Irish Reel)

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