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Jeffery Wilson: Modal Workout 02 - Saxophone with CD backing tracks

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These multi functional pieces serve the needs of Sax players who wish to come to terms with jazz and improvised musical language. Play the studies by themselves to discover some idiomatic phrasing, play them with the CD support to explore the groove and feel of the ensemble or just improvise using the scale/mode from which the pieces are derived and explore some of the concepts in the tasty licks or gain some inspiration from the sample impros on the CD. In short, just use this material as you see fit but, most of all, enjoy! Sample Vamps for keyboard and chord sequences for any other instrument will be available shortly, and can then be downloaded and printed by clicking on the title above. ... Kira I Wish Some Samba Like a Song Calypso for Sonny Jacuzzi for Jane Meaningful Meander Boogaloo-galoo-do wop Necessary Changes A Bit of a Roast Diminology All Mixed Up
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