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Haughton: Rhythm and Rag (Clarinet & Piano)

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17 pieces for Bb Clarinet & Piano.

Step into the limelight with this superb collection of jazzy pieces for Clarinet and Piano! Extremely well-written with the Grade 2 to 5 clarinettist in mind, these idiomatic pieces perfectly capture the distinctive sound and rhythms of jazz. Enjoy the up-beat swing of Jazz It Up, escape with the beautiful melody of Bird of Paradise or just chill out to the groove of Keep Cool. A collection of real show stoppers, these pieces will be an absolute hit with both jazz-loving clarinettists and their audiences. 44 pages.

Table of Contents

1. March Past

2. Walk On

3. Prelude

4. Wagons Roll

5. Blues 9

6. Keep Cool

7. Bird Of Paradise

8. Short Stop

9. Straight Fours

10. Nocturne

11. Warm Up

12. Opus Rag

13. Cakewalk

14. Little Girl

15. Jazz Three

16. Jazz It Up

17. Monkey Nuts

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