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Gilbert and Sullivan Favourites for Chorus (Vocal Score)

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A bumper collection of popular numbers spiced with many lesser-known gems, all carefully arranged by Nicholas Hare for the enjoyment of all SATB choirs. Enjoy your favourites from The Gondoliers, The Grand Duke, HMS Pinafore, Iolanthe, The Mikado, Patience, The Pirates of Penzance, Princess Ida, Ruddigore, The Sorcerer, Trial by Jury, Utopia Ltd and The Yeomen of the Guard.


A lady fair, of lineage high (Princess Ida)

A modern Major-General (Pirates of Penzance)

Brightly dawns our wedding day (Mikado)

By the mystic regulation (Grand Duke)

Dance a cachucha (Gondoliers)

Eagle high in cloudland soaring (Utopia Limited)

For everyone who feels inclined (Gondoliers)

Hail poetry (Pirates of Penzance)

He who shies at such a prize (Iolanthe)

I hear the soft note (Patience)

I rejoice that it's decided (Sorcerer)

I'm called little Buttercup (H.M.S.Pinafore)

I've got a little list (Mikado)

Now to the banquet we press (Sorcerer)

Oh, list while we a love confess (Patience)

One of us will be a queen (Gondoliers)

Poor wand'ring one (Pirates of Penzance)

Ring forth ye bells (Sorcerer)

Sailor's chorus (H.M.S.Pinafore)

Strange adventure (Yeomen of the guard)

Strange the views some people hold (Grand Duke)

The Judge's song (Trial by Jury)

The policemen's chorus (Pirates of Penzance)

The threatened cloud has passed away (Mikado)

The woman of the wisest wit (Princess Ida)

The world is but a broken toy (Princess Ida)

There's a little group of isles (Utopia Limited)

Tho' p'raps I may incur your blame (Iolanthe)

Three little maids (Mikado)

Titwillow (Mikado)

Try we lifelong (Gondoliers)

Were I a king in very truth (Grand Duke)

When a merry maiden marries (Gondoliers)

When Britain really ruled the waves (Iolanthe)

When I was a lad (H.M.S.Pianfore)

When the buds are blossoming (Ruddigore)

When the night wond howls (Ruddigore)

With cat-like tread (Pirates of Penzance)

With joy abiding (Princess Ida)

Won't it be a pretty wedding? (Grand Duke)

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