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Flute Salad for unaccompanied Flute - Oliver Ledbury

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... Itchy Feet • You Said • Yesterday's Song • Watzer • 0600 • Cocoa Beat • Flute Salad • Ragged Robin • Going Solo • One More Time • Rag 'n' Flute • JSB • On the Dot • Right Foot Down • Rock Blues • Boiling Point • Imaginings

Nourish your repertoire with this balanced diet of colourful miniatures.

Consists of seventeen varied pieces for solo flute, ranging from easy to medium difficulty. Lack the appetite for roping in a pianist? This book offers a smorgasbord of mouth-watering musical delicacies, all accompaniment-free. For starters try something easy, such as 'Itchy Feet' or 'Yesterday's Song'. Progress to main courses like 'Rag 'N' Flute' and 'Right Foot Down'. Try 'Imaginings' for dessert, if you've got room. Bon appetit!

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