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Amazing Studies - Flute

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From the creator of Amazing Solos, a collection of amazingly enjoyable studies for the intermediate player. 76 pieces for unaccompanied flute, ranging from medieval dances and Chinese traditional music to baroque gigues and jazz solos.

Each piece is carefully selected to develop a specific aspect of technique, with helpful hints and tips to improve your performance. Theres even an index to help you find the right study for every technical problem, or just to help start you off. Studies have never been so amazing! 62 pages.

Contents - 10 Study (Gariboldi) - 11 Study (Gariboldi) - 11 Variations on La folia (Harrison) - Allegro (Beethoven) - Allegro (Haydn) - Allegro from Fantasie for solo violin (Telemann) - Arthur Seat (Skinner) - Auvergne Polka - Badine from Picnic Suite (Bolling) - Bamboo Flute - Barcarola (Kohler) - Bees Wing Hornpipe (Hill) - Bouree from Cello Suite no. 3 in C major BWV1009 (Bach) - Bouree from Lute Suite in E Minor BWV996 (Bach) - Brides Candle Dance (Harrison) - Bulgarian Dance - Calypso Collapso (Harrison) - Early One Morning - Ecco la Primavera (Landini) - Epping Forest - Fantasia (Allegro Moderato) (Quantz) - Fantasia (Menuetto) (Quantz) - Garryowen - Ghosts of Evry Occupation - Gigue BWV 845 (Bach) - Gigue from Cello Suite no. 1 in G major BWV1007 (Bach) - Hineh Mah Tov - Hungarian Song - Ill Get Married in my Old Clothes - J is 3 (Harrison) - Jasmine Flower - Jazz Etude no. 2 (Oscar Peterson) - Jig (Harrison) - La Danse de Cleves - La fille au cresson - La Quinte Estampie Real - Largo from Fantasie for solo violin (Telemann) - Laride a six temps - Londonderry Hornpipe - Lovely Maiden - Malle Symen (Eyck) - Medieval Dance Tune - Morgan Magan (OCarolan) - Morpeth Rant - Ophelia Rag (Scott) - Prelude (Cosma) - President Garfield - Prins Robberts Masco (Eyck) - Rag-Polka from Toot Suite (Bolling) - Redesdale Hornpipe - Round Dance and Swineherds Dance II (Harrison) - Sheffield Hornpipe - Soave from Fantasie for solo violin (Telemann) - Song - Spirituelle from Toot Suite (Bolling) - Study (Kohler) - Study in Appogiaturas (Quantz) - Sunshine Hornpipe - Sweeps Hornpipe - Swineherds Dance I (Harrison) - The 29th of May - The Butchers March - The Emperor of the Moon - The Flower Among them All (Fenwick) - The Flower Drum Song - The Four Seasons - The Keys of Canterbury - The Young Black Cow - Theme from Fantasie Melancolique (Reichert) - Trotto - Tsur Mishelo - Vivace from Fantasie for solo violin (Telemann) - Wells Humour (Purcells Hornpipe) - Worlds Fair Rag (Babcock)

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